About Us


The mission of Jeanette's Joy is to provide quality supportive services in a safe and supportive environment that contributes to the life-long intellectual, social, physical, emotional, and spiritual development of each child we serve.

Philosophy of Education

Jeanette's Joy Community Services believe our primary purpose is to improve the economic and social ability of the students in our communities through strong partnerships and through intervention and prevention activities. The programs we offer will focus on freedom of expression and creativity to generate an atmosphere that will encourage a love for learning and independent thinking.

We believe the self-concept of each student is essential to their development. To acknowledge its importance, we believe individual talents and abilities should be recognized and enhanced.

Our organization holds a strong belief that each student must develop an understanding of democracy; an awareness of the importance of human relations; and an appreciation and respect for our country and its historical traditions.

We believe that aesthetic experiences develop imagination, creative expression, and cognitive development.

Finally, we believe that in a rapidly changing world, learning must be a lifelong process. Educators, students, parents, and the community share responsibility for this process. Therefore, Jeanette's Joy will focus on teaching our participants that sound educational values reside neither in things nor phrases, but rather in people.

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Youth Services

Jeanette’s Joy Community Service provides services for elementary and middle school youth populations, though a diverse array of programs and activities during non-traditional after school hours. Our programs provide an outlet for community youth who are at risk of becoming victims of violence, substance abuse or who are impacted by health issues. Our programs aid youth in acquiring skills and information that assist them in avoiding behavior(s) that will negatively impact their lives. Activities focus on academic support, life skills prevention education, violence intervention, mentoring, community service, nutrition and physical activity and the cultural arts.

Program Goals:

  • Help youth increase their self-esteem, decision-making, leadership, and communication skills
  • Provide youth with adult and peer support systems that encourage and reinforce positive choices
  • Provide youth prevention strategies to reduce their vulnerability for at-risk behaviors
  • Provide youth with fun, engaging alternatives that reward them for making healthy life decisions
  • Provide youth opportunities to be positive change agents for their schools, families and communities
  • Increase the overall awareness and involvement of other community stakeholders to help support youth development needs in the community